"How To Assess, Organize, Improve, And Grow Your
Sabbath School Department In 2021!"
In This Masterclass, Learn How To Elevate Your Sabbath School Department To Unprecedented Heights, Grow Your Teachers, Choose Effective Team Members, And Cope With Inevitable Change In An Uncertain World!

for Pastors, SS Superintendents,
and Ministry Leaders!

Discover The Strategies Of Solidifying Your Department's Virtual Presence AND Effectively Transitioning Back To In-Person Classes!
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  • May 23, 2021 5 PM EST 
  • Limited Seating!
The pandemic forever changed the way we do church and Sabbath School.
Many churches in 2021 have adapted and are thriving with their online Sabbath School broadcasts that have potential worldwide reach.

Many have struggled to maintain a viable virtual platform at all, or it is solely limited to a local audience.

Regardless of how your Sabbath School has fared during the past year, most of you are asking one or more of these questions:
  • How can we prepare for an imminent return to in-person classes while maintaining an online presence?
  • ​How can we attract quality, capable teachers and leaders?
  • How do we deal with the pushback against change necessary to grow our department?
  • ​How do we revitalize a suffering in-person Sabbath School where most of our members would prefer to stay home?
  • How do we improve not only our Sabbath School but our overall outreach to attract and retain visitors?
No matter how vibrant your in-person Sabbath School was OR virtual Sabbath School has been, the uncertainty of churches reopening is a legitimate concern for pastors, superintendents, and ministry leaders across the globe.
My name is Curtis Hall, and as a Sabbath School teacher, superintendent, consultant, and trainer for nearly 40 years, I've trained conferences and churches worldwide on increasing Sabbath School value by developing their department leaders and teachers.

During the shutdown, I launched a virtual Sabbath School broadcast called Hit The Mark that continues to attract thousands of engaged viewers from around the globe each week. I have also worked with churches in helping them successfully transition back to in-person classes.

Like many Sabbath School leaders, I have long believed that online class is here to stay regardless of when a vaccine was available, and now that numerous churches are ready to reopen, the dilemma of this reality is becoming more daunting for many church leaders.
So here's my question.

Do you have a viable PLAN for transition and growth in your Sabbath School department, or have you been flying by the seat of your pants hoping for the best?

Here's the naked truth: If we are going to preach the gospel into all the world, we can't simply be throwing up a prayer, winging it, and expecting God to bless our haphazard efforts. 

"Let all things be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40

It's Time To Get Strategic About Sabbath School!

On May 23rd at 5 pm EST, I'm hosting another FREE, can't-miss Sabbath School training webinar called Flight Time: Tower Control that is exclusively for pastors, Sabbath School superintendents, department heads, and ministry leaders.
  • Learn best practices for facilitating a smooth transition back to in-person Sabbath School...
  • Discover effective strategies for growing your teachers and leaders...
  • Ensure buy-in from the members of your department when you implement necessary changes...
  • Create a concrete, detailed plan for improving your Sabbath School ministry...
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Here's what attendees of past virtual masterclasses said about the training they received!
“My Sabbath School Workshop experience with Elder Curtis can be described as both exciting and eye-opening. The excitement came from his ability to create and maintain a comfortable environment throughout our panel discussion. During the discussion, I gained a wider understanding of the chapter we studied and was able to share my sentiments with the wider congregation. I learned about tactics that will be added to my Sabbath School classes. The tactics shared helped me to see how the lessons can be tweaked to become more inviting for all types of audiences through a variety of streaming platforms. I truly believe that I am better equipped to fulfill my duties as a Sabbath School teacher, and for this I am greatly appreciative.”

“The Flight Time virtual workshop conducted by Elder Curtis was exactly what our Sabbath School needed! He took us on a journey as we navigated the Scriptures during the lesson review; he engaged the panelists and captivated the audience. The interactive, Bible-based study was refreshing and enriching1 During the workshop we discussed key areas of improvement to revitalize our Sabbath School ministry. His coaching techniques are innovative, creative, and a winning formula for ministry success and to enhance the virtual Sabbath School platform. 

[This is] truly an invaluable workshop session with cutting-edge ideas and tools to equip facilitators, Superintendents and participants to plan, execute and deliver programs that will encourage and inspire members and visitors to not only grow spiritually but to motivate them to share the gospel as they shape and build their relationship with God. Kudos to Elder Hall for embracing this niche as a determined and disciplined coach using his skills and gifts to inspire ministry leaders, all to the honor and glory of God!.”

“The Lesson Study panel with Elder Curtis Hall was interactive and simple to understand. It was easy to follow and participate even if you did not study. Although it was a Bible-based study, it was also presented in a way that it applied to our everyday experiences. This made the study fun and gave participants opportunities to share their testimonies of the goodness of the Lord. The workshop was informative and gave us new ideas and ways to study and share God’s word with members and non-members alike, allowing us to be more intentional about sharing the Word as an evangelistic tool to help bring others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, while building and strengthening family ties in the body of Christ.

If you wish to grow your Bible study ministry, I strongly recommend that you contact Elder Curtis Hall and Sabbath School Coaching. You will not regret it - it will be a blessing to your ministry.”

“Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a Sabbath School class and workshop with Elder Curtis Hall, and the experience exceeded my expectations. In addition to the joy I felt being on the receiving end as a student, I was also given insight on the best methodology to plan, execute, and evaluate lasses as a teacher. The experience gave me a new appreciation for Sabbath School and a better outlook on how to use this treasured ministry as an evangelistic tool. I would highly recommend Elder Curtis Hall and Sabbath School Coaching to any teacher, Sabbath School team or congregation looking to maximize the effectiveness of their Sabbath School ministry.”

"The workshop heightened my awareness that changes are inevitable. Thank you, sir, for sharing your views on another way to present lessons and the gospel; making them more interactive, insightful and exciting."


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