Want to know the secret of all great facilitators?

They don’t just stand there. They do something!

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It’s a fact. Studies show that the more engaged, hands-on, and enthusiastic the teacher, the better students respond!

At Sabbath School Coaching, we’ve spent years learning and practicing creative, innovative, and effective techniques which get results.

Our workshops are geared toward two groups: teachers and ministry leaders.

” This is the first training I’ve had as a teacher. I soaked it up like a sponge. Can’t wait to try these techniques”

In our HIT the Mark Workshops for Adult Class, Teen Class, Collegiate Class, and New Members Classes, you’ll learn:

  • √ How to prepare engaging, interactive lessons which stimulate relevant discussions
  • √ How to ask great questions which spur (inspire) discussion
  • √ How to minimize and diffuse classroom disruptions

In just 3 hours, we’ll teach you relevant, up-to-date strategies to get your students actively engaged in classroom discussions. Strategies which have been proven to…

  • Heighten student interest
  • Increase attendance for weekly classes
  • Increase teamwork among staff members
  • Generate greater enthusiasm for the Sabbath School ministry

Hit the Mark Workshop Overview

Our Hit the Mark Workshops are designed for ministry leaders and teachers/facilitators. Our goal is to provide usable strategies to increase the enthusiasm for Sabbath School thereby increasing the attendance. We achieve this goal by providing relevant and practical strategies that are field tested and proved that result in better functioning Sabbath Schools.

We offer three primary modes of training. Each one can be modified to meet specific needs.

IMG_02601)    Church Sponsored Sabbath Afternoon Training.

  • For All SS department members and teachers
  • Sabbath morning facilitation of lesson by Curtis Hall
  • Sabbath afternoon 3 hour workshop

 2)    Conference Sponsored 1 Day Event. 

  • For ministry leaders and adult class teachers/facilitators
  • Location: various church locations, hotel conference rooms, conventions, camp meetings, leadership training days or any other special conference sponsored event.
  • Typically from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Training for these events can be arranged to follow the time outline given.
  • In all cases time is given to training ministry leaders as well as teachers/facilitators.

 3)    Conference Sponsored Weekend Training.

  • For ministry leaders and adult class teachers/facilitators
  • Friday evening 1 hour introduction session
  • All day Sabbath training (interspersed with devotionals/ breaks/ meals)
  • Sunday morning half-day training for completion of mock classes

“The seminar was so good I didn’t realize that he had used all the time allotted. I can not say enough. It was wonderful”

Stop being frustrated by low attendance, poor enrollment numbers, and lukewarm student participation. Contact Sabbath School Coaching today and let us show you how to HIT the MARK of teaching excellence in Sabbath School! 404-641-2085


I just wanted you to know that I attended the S.S. workshop in Austin Texas, and it was phenomenal.  We would like to thank you so much for such a wonderful Sabbath School class, and the workshop was so entertaining and enlightening.  I also enjoyed the CD, you did a great job with that, very informative and easy to listen too.  I especially appreciate the examples.  I thank God for your ministry, may he cont. to bless you as you have blessed us and others to take Sabbath School to the next level.  V. B. Austin, Texas   

 “This seminar was wonderful and for the future, just have another like it for the next year”

“I really enjoyed the seminar. It was very inciteful as well as thought provoking on the best way to teach Sabbath School”

“It was perfect. We discussed things that really need to be discussed”

“Awesome Class”

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