Meet Curtis Hall

Curtis Hall, a renowned church training expert and the Founder of Sabbath School Coaching, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the field of religious education. Based in Atlanta, GA, his international consulting ministry is dedicated to enhancing the impact of Sabbath Schools. He achieves this by empowering church leaders and educators with advanced training and support, tailored to both conferences and individual churches.

With a dynamic and engaging approach to training, Curtis conducts numerous workshops annually in the US and abroad, sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for teaching. His expertise is built on over 30 years of distinguished experience in both teaching and departmental leadership, benefiting a wide range of religious communities and conferences worldwide. These include notable organizations such as the North American Division, Southern England Conference, and Australian Union Conference, among many others.

Curtis’s notable tenure as the Sabbath School General Superintendent at the Atlanta Berean SDA Church, one of North America’s largest Adventist churches, is particularly remarkable. Here, he led a thriving Sabbath School department catering to over 500 members weekly, showcasing his exceptional leadership and organizational skills.

An accomplished author, Curtis has penned influential works like “Hit the Mark” and “Flight Time Teaching.” These books are cornerstones in Sabbath School education, offering innovative strategies for engaging and dynamic classroom participation. His expertise is not limited to large congregations; he is equally adept at enhancing the Sabbath School experience in smaller churches.

Curtis Hall is not just a trainer; he is a transformational figure in Sabbath School facilitation. His commitment is to guide every class, regardless of size, on an enriching spiritual journey, ensuring a vibrant and interactive learning experience for all participants.