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Flight Time Teaching

Facilitator Training Book

“Take Your Class On A Journey!”

That’s what FLIGHT TIME TEACHING is all about —
taking the members of your class on a journey of discovery
through their Bibles. As a facilitator of a Bible study class,
whether large or small, class participation and interaction is a
vital part of what makes the best classes the best.

In this book, you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to become a great facilitator.

  • How to find the Theme, create Talking Points, and develop Take-Aways
  • How to ask great questions – the type which stimulates great discussions
  • How to use visual aids to enhance classroom discussion
  • How to deal with different personalities and disruptive students

…and much, much more!

Serious teachers and leaders invest in their own growth. Don’t continue to do the same things and expect different results. It’s time for you to Take Your Class on a Journey!

Remember, engaging facilitators get the best results! Order Flight Time Teaching today and to get practical, relevant tools and training to help take your Sabbath School program to the next level!

“The material is wonderful. Couldn’t stop reading the book till I was half way through… This time around I am going to be a better facilitator.”

~ Esther N., Botswana Africa