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STREAM IT! Sabbath School

There’s pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 Sabbath School.

The pre-COVID-19 model relied upon face-to-face, small-group discussions; a format used with little variance since the very inception of Sabbath School in the late 1800s. It gave us the best opportunity to interact with attendees. It created bonds of friendship that have lasted decades. It is cemented within our weekend worship services as a staple of the church experience.

The post-Covid-19 Sabbath school is an online experience. Streamed over the internet in various ways using various platforms, it has the potential to reach more individuals than before. Now, everywhere there is internet access, there is the possibility of viewing Sabbath school. Sabbath School being facilitated by an online panel addressing live chat questions.

With this expanded range of connections, we must have a method to generate interest in viewing online Sabbath School and do it in a meaningful way to the viewers. Like anything important, the success of online Sabbath School must be driven by intentional, thought-out strategies. Proper planning is crucial.

STREAM IT! Sabbath School is the guide you need to make the most of this new paradigm.

In this eBook, you will:

✓ Identify the meaning behind your desire to facilitate Sabbath School.

✓ Examine presentation formats to determine which best suits your church.

✓ Explore the technical aspects of delivering an impactful virtual session.

✓ Learn facilitator guidelines that enhance the online learning environment.

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