“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 

~ Benjamin Franklin

Attention Sabbath School leaders and teachers! There are three “I’s” to Hit the Mark in Sabbath School: Information – Inspiration – Interaction.

Learn how to create a dynamic learning environment by booking a Sabbath School Training Day for your team!

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Practical, relevant training GUARANTEED to help your teachers become more enthusiastic, more engaged facilitators

In order to be effective, Bible-based classroom instruction needs to be relevant, practical, interactive, and engaging.

At Sabbath School Coaching, we’ve developed proven training techniques that we guarantee will help you transform your Sabbath School program.

Whether you’re a member of a Sabbath school department, a teacher who’s frustrated by the lack of student enthusiasm and involvement, a pastor who would like your Sabbath school to be more effective, or a new teacher who’s interested in learning how to facilitate a Sabbath school class, we can help you transform your Sabbath school program from one with so-so attendance to one which students clamor to be a part of.

Sabbath School Coaching teaches you practical, relevant strategies to get your students actively engaged in classroom discussions. Strategies which have been proven to…

  • Heighten student interest
  • Increase attendance for weekly classes
  • Increase teamwork among staff members
  • Generate greater enthusiasm for the Sabbath School ministry

Stop being frustrated by low attendance, poor enrollment numbers, and lukewarm student participation. Sabbath School Coaching guarantees that our training programs will help you HIT THE MARK of teaching excellence in Sabbath School.

Live Online Sabbath School

The worldwide pandemic has changed our setting for traditional Sabbath School. Instead of gathering in church buildings, many of our churches have launched online Sabbath School.

Hit the Mark Sabbath School has been at the forefront of this new paradigm. Every Saturday @ 9 am EDT you can tune in to watch a live panel discussion of the week’s Sabbath School lesson.

Our live sessions stream both on Facebook and YouTube. You can find both of these social media sites by using the following links:

YouTube Link

Facebook Link

Lesson 11, 4th Quarter, is going live on December 9th!