Five Ways to Be A Great Lesson Presenter

1)    Be excited about what you do.  If you’re not enthusiastic about it, how can you expect others to be excited?  People feed off of your energy and enthusiasm. Remember, you set the tone for the class and discussion.

2)    Be punctual and consistent.  If your example says getting to the class on time is not important, guess how your class members will feel?  Start on time and end on time.  Avoid the trap of waiting for more people to arrive.  Respect everyone’s time, including your own.

3)    Be honest.  Believe it or not, people know that you haven’t always walked on water.  True humility will guard against arrogance and condescension.  The ability to personally relate to the truths you teach will help others do the same.

4)    Be prepared.  If you only put a little into your preparation, you can’t expect a lot of the discussion.  For a 45 minute interactive class, you will need to spend no less than 4 hours in preparation time, not including your personal prayer time.  Going beneath the surface to gather the jewels of truth you will share, takes time in biblical study and related research.

5)    Be focused.  Know where you are going with your class and do what it takes to get there.  Start with a plan, and you’ll end up where you planned.  Your calling as a teacher is not by accident, and neither should the results of your class be an accident.  Tell the story in your unique way, and you’ll be blessed in your efforts.

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