An Enemy Called Boring

Sometimes it makes you want to scream!  I know you’ve been there.  You’re in a meeting or presentation and it seems like time has decided to stand still.  Your personal mental challenge is to be creative in staying alert and giving the impression of interest in the uninteresting.(I’ve tried pinching myself)

The enemy called boredom does not discriminate.  It attacks men and women.  It attacks worthy causes and noble goals.  It attacks sincere plans and well minded intentions.  It attacks the novice as well as the veteran.  It’s most valued trusty is complacency and mental laziness.  It thrives on low expectations.

Does it have to be this way?  Is there anything that can be done to make the boring interesting?  Of course, the answer is yes.  But to get from boring to interesting will take intentional efforts.  Relying on the importance of the message being conveyed without consideration of how it is being conveyed is a poor strategy for success.


Being Oblivious to Relevant Information Needed for Growth

Here are three ways to fight the enemy called boredom:

1) Be Relevant.  If you’re not meeting the current needs of those you minister to, whose needs are you meeting?  You must know your audience and what brings value to them.  The greater the relevant value you bring to your ministry the more likely you will be in defeating boredom.  There is no “one size fits all” in ministry.

2) Be Enthusiastic.  If you’re not excited can you really expect others to find excitement in what you offer?  You must project energy by being energetic and lively.  Push yourself to be a better self.  Start with a smile and you’re on your way.

3) Be Authentic.  Being authentic means that you are who you say you are and that you practice what you preach.  No one likes a phony, do they?  Your authenticity (or lack of) will shine through and give evidence of your sincerity.

Our example for fighting the enemy called boredom is a high one.  When the soldiers who were sent to arrest Jesus explained to their leaders why that had not arrested him, all they could give as an explanation was “No one ever spoke the way this man does” John 17:46 NIV.  That’s the direction we should all be headed in.

Please continue to do what you do but do it with relevance, enthusiasm and authenticity.  Let’s vow to fight this enemy called boring.

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