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If there is one skill an effective Sabbath school teacher must have, it is the ability to ask great questions. Nothing can make or break a lesson study more than the quality of the questions being asked by the leader.

Questions can be placed into 3 categories:

Great questions are usually indicated by the amount of raised hands and the eagerness of the participants.
Ok questions are usually indicated by a lackluster response.
Poor questions result in the emergence of the sounds of crickets

Here are some examples of different types of questions:

Example One

Q1: Is God real?
A: Yes.
Result: Discussion ends as soon as it starts

Q2: What does the bible say about God being real?
A: Some evidence may be recited for proof by those who are biblically versed.
Result: Some discussion started.

Q3: How has God manifested Himself in your life?
A: Personal accounts can be given that can be offered by anyone.
Result: Great discussion by many different individuals.

Example Two

Q1: Does the story of the Prodigal Son teach us about God’s love?
A: Yes.
Result: Discussion ends as soon as it starts

Q2: What are some of the lessons we learn from the Prodigal Son about God’s love?
A: Wide range of suggestions can be given from anyone, not just those versed in biblical history
Result: Great discussion by many different individuals.

Using this approach with additional great follow-up questions will result in a lively discussion where anyone can feel free to participate. Special attention should be given to making sure that anyone can participate, not just those who are well versed in biblical history and/ or denominational doctrine.

As you prepare your talking points for this week’s lesson, write out at least 4 great questions that will stimulate discussion. If the questions are limited to one correct answer, redo them so that there can be multiple responses to build your discussion around.

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