A Spiritual Ascent: The Hit the Mark Spiritual Summit II in Stone Mountain

In the heart of Stone Mountain, Georgia, a remarkable gathering unfolded, one that would be etched into the memories of those who attended as a “mountaintop experience.” The second annual Hit the Mark Spiritual Summit II (HTM Summit II) surpassed expectations, bringing together individuals who share a profound connection through the online lay-led Hit the Mark Sabbath School (HTM SS). This retreat, born out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, has grown steadily over the years, nurturing a dedicated global viewership.

The Genesis of Togetherness

In an endeavor to put faces to the names often seen on screens, the inaugural summit took place in 2022. The overwhelming response and enthusiasm of those in attendance set the stage for what would become an eagerly awaited annual event – the HTM Spiritual Summit II.

Attendees journeyed from destinations spanning London, England, Canada, and various states and cities in between, including Florida, California, and Michigan and a strong showing from Georgia.

HTM Spiritual Summit II on Friday evening commenced with a spirited song service led by Dewain Eric Hall, one of the esteemed HTM Panelists. After an enjoyable dinner, the attendees gathered to partake in a devotional thought shared by panelist Esther Green.

As dawn’s light gently kissed the horizon on Sabbath morning, attendees congregated outdoors for a devotional led by Dewain Eric Hall, delving into the prayers of Ephesians. Following a hearty breakfast, the gathering transitioned into an extended live-streamed Sabbath School session graced with more wonderful music and an engaging in-person discussion of the lesson by the HTM SS panelists. The discussion stretched for over an hour and a half, yet it felt as though time had flown by.

The morning’s worship service unfolded with a dynamic performance by pianist Nancy Dudley and the enchanting solo of Che Chin King. The centerpiece of the morning, a profound message on “Providence,” was delivered by Pastor Freddie Russell, leaving the congregation deeply moved by the experience.

The post-lunch period opened doors to diverse adventures, including excursions to the majestic mountain that Stone Mountain is known for. Meanwhile, the creative souls among the attendees joined hands in a rock painting ministry led by Karla Marsh, hailing from Nebraska. For the Sabbath School teachers in attendance, a mini facilitation training workshop was held.

The evening meal was not just a culinary delight; it was accompanied by harmonious melodies and a vespers message from panelist Darien Claxton. This special evening strengthened the bonds forged over the course of the weekend.

As Sunday morning arrived, attendees gathered for a final session, a heartfelt opportunity for each participant to share their reflections on the Summit. Testimony after testimony resounded with the profound impact of this spiritual weekend, reinforcing the significance of coming together in such a setting.

The closing moments were graced by the words of wisdom from panelist Phil Del Rocco, who delivered a final charge that resonated with all present. And then, it was time for hugs, photographs, and farewells, with a collective anticipation of reuniting next year for yet another “mountaintop experience.”

For those who couldn’t join this transformative weekend or wish to revisit its highlights, we invite you to visit the website of sabbathschoolcoaching.com. There, you will find links to view past and current broadcasts, ensuring that the spiritual journey initiated at the HTM Summit II continues to flourish.

The Hit the Mark Spiritual Summit II was more than just a retreat; it was a convergence of kindred spirits seeking spiritual growth and connection. As the sun set on Stone Mountain, it marked the dawn of new friendships and a deepened sense of purpose, leaving attendees with hearts full of gratitude for this extraordinary experience.

For those who have yet to experience this remarkable gathering, the HTM Summit eagerly awaits your presence at the next summit, where the mountaintop moments are bound to be even more inspiring and transformative.

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